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Welcome to your health and fitness lifestyle studio!

The Commit2FitPro home studio is fully equipped fitness hub set in the private, leafy surrounds of Croydon, in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. We cater for people looking to get fit, healthy and strong without spending hours in a gym. We focus on smart, time-saving and effective methods that keep you motivated and keep things fun!

Our goal is to inspire you toward a new, fresh and positive mindset. We focus on creating healthy habits, getting you feeling great and helping you get the most out of life. Each lifestyle program is tailored specifically to you – your goals, your preferences, your needs. We design an easy-to-follow lifestyle system to fit your busy life.

It’s our purpose and drive to give our clients our very best though personalised exercise and natural nutrition solutions along with a plan for creating a balanced and rewarding lifestyle.

Commit2FitPro takes the guesswork out of your exercise, recovery and nutrition. We provide you with knowledge and tools that you can use for the rest of your life.

Are you looking to feel stronger, improve overall health, fitness, cardio, stamina, strength, feel free with flexibility. Nourish your body for fat loss and life long comfort.

Small Group Sessions

Small Group 4-5 per class

Outdoors 5-10 per instructor

Solutions that are tailored for you

Monitored and progressive

Added Services

Fully customised experience

Everything thing from your music

Preferred training

Assisted / facilitated stretching

Research into your injury management

Healthy Eating

Healthy Strategies


Find balanced healthy eating

Easily managed

On going support

Personal Training

Fully customised experience

Your goals your session

Assisted stretching

Strength, Cardio & Conditioning

Proven Results each session

Fat Loss

We only use effective exercises

Share healthy recipes

Share natural (Real Food) fat loss/management strategies

Easy to understand principles about what and when to eat and why

Muay Thai / Boxing

How to videos

Your Personal Pad holder

Kick, Punch, Knee, Elbow for cardio

Get skills and have fun

Self defence

Active learning

Mental Peace & Complete health, fitness

Positive perspective

Keep your cool and lead by example

Feel achievement

Feel stronger

Improve your cardio fitness

Be more flexible

Agile and active each day

Establish a more balanced lifestyle

Improve your diet with nutritional support and guidance

Train towards a specific sporting goal

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