How Do I Get Rid Of Bad Habits??

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I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front in the last couple of weeks.

The main reason is that I’ve been in Thailand!

I put up a whole lot of posts and videos on my social media accounts about it – please check them out if you haven’t already!

I’m also part way through writing up a blog entry about my experience over there, but I’ve only been back a couple of days so it’s not done yet. I’ll hopefully have it for you soon though.

In the meantime, I want to talk a bit more about habits.

Last time I talked about the power of habits, and how they have such a huge influence on all of us.

One question I’ve been asked many times is: “Max, how do I get rid of bad habits?”

We all have them.

Bad habits that is.

Many people have bad food habits, such as that donut every day after lunch when you’re feeling low on energy and need a pick-me-up, or ducking down to the local Maccas for a sneaky Big Mac a couple of times a week because you can’t be bothered cooking.

But they could also be habits that result in a lack of exercise or movement, or perhaps the most insidious ones, those mindset habits that regularly get you into a bad frame of mind, which then impacts all parts of your life.

Whatever your bad habits are, I’m sure you’d like to get rid of them.

Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret …

You should stop trying to get rid of them.


That was not a typo! The secret to getting rid of bad habits is to stop trying to get rid of them.

The reason has to do with human psychology. The more we focus on something, the more it dominates our thoughts, and when it’s something we’re trying to get rid of, that focus can actually inhibit our ability to remove it.

It’s a little bit like when you’re embarrassed about something and you know you’re about to blush, and you desperately try not to … but the more you think about not blushing, the more likely you are to actually blush!

So it is with habits. The more you tell yourself not to do something, the more focus your brain puts on it, and the harder it can become to not do.

So instead, try replacing it with something healthier.

When you feel down in energy in the afternoon, instead of a donut, have a piece of fruit.

If you can’t be bothered cooking, don’t go to McDonalds. Go to Hungry Jacks. (Joking!). Don’t go to either one. Instead, have some leftovers out of the fridge, or go out and buy yourself a salad.

In other words, solve the underlying need in another, healthier, way.

If you can do this, then before you know it the old “bad habit” will be little more than a bad memory.

Of course, identifying attainable, sustainable, healthy habits to replace your current bad habits is not always easy. That’s where I can help though. Just drop me an email at [email protected] or give me a call on (03) 9864 1833.

You only get one life. Make the most of it!

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