Max’s Story #3: What I’m Doing Today

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(Note: this is the third and final post in a three part series)

Over the last two weeks I’ve told you all about my journey.

In my first post I described my lifestyle in my 20s, how I did a terrible job of looking after myself, and how that was impacting myself and my family.

Then my second post was about the different decisions I made, the changes that flowed from those different decisions, and how that has changed my life.

Turning my health around really has been a life-changing journey for me, and that inspired me to make some other changes – I realised how passionate I am about health & fitness, and decided to stop building houses and start building health!

My first step on that path was studying fitness. I got my personal training qualification, and started working as a trainer for a friend who owned a local gym.

That wasn’t enough though. I knew that better health came from more exercise and better eating, but I wanted to know more about WHY.

My Sports & Exercise Nutrition Diploma!

Over the next few years I invested (and continue to invest) a LOT of time and effort in understanding more about health and the human body. I earned a Diploma in Sports Nutrition, and then started working towards qualifications in Naturopathic Nutrition, and more recently Applied Muscle Neurology. I really have become a lifetime learner!

At the same time I have also been building my experience, first as a trainer at my friend’s gym and then for the last 5+ years working with my clients at Commit2FitPro.

And through all of this I have been continually developing and refining my own ideas on how to help normal, everyday people achieve better health through fitness, nutrition and mindset.

Which has led to an approach to health and fitness that is different from most.

Let me explain …

In my opinion, the biggest problem for the average person trying to improve their health is NOT knowledge. Most of us already know a lot of the basics about what’s healthy and what’s not.

Of course there are degrees of knowledge, and with my qualifications and experience I can help you take it to another level with a better mindset, more effective exercise and additional healthy food options. But you most likely know the basics of what you should be doing already.

The bigger problem, in my opinion, is actually doing it. And doing it consistently.

In fact, I would bet that every single one of us can identify elements of our lives that could be healthier. So if we know what they are, why haven’t we changed them already?

For many of us, we’ve been doing those unhealthy things for so long that just getting started is super difficult. Things like eating fast food, drinking sugary soft drinks, and sitting on our butts all day and not getting regular exercise. Or worse, smoking and/or drinking heavily.

For others, we do actually join a gym, adopt a new diet or sign up to a fitness program, and we might even achieve some decent early results … but we often relapse after a while, and in many cases end up worse off than before.

I’m sure we’re all familiar with that “yoyo” experience – either we’ve done it ourselves, or we know someone who has.

As a result many of us are unable to create and maintain good health, which has led to rising levels of obesity and chronic disease for years now.

The key to changing this, I believe, is to build healthy habits.

A study by Harvard University on behaviour patterns found that an amazing 45% of our actions are habitual. In other words, almost half of all the actions we take on a typical day, we take without thinking about it. We do them automatically, based on what we’re used to doing.

What does this mean for health?

It means that habits are powerful weapons that can help us or hurt us.

They can hurt us when many of our habits are those unhealthy ones that have been part of our lives for years, and that can lead us down a path of poor health, obesity and chronic disease in later life.

But what if we could use that power for good?

What if we could identify healthier activities and integrate them into our lives as habits? If we can do that, it becomes MUCH easier to lead a healthier life. We don’t need willpower. We don’t even need to think about it.

If we’re successful in developing healthy habits, we just take healthy actions automatically.

So my goal with Commit2FitPro is to help as many people as possible achieve long-lasting improvements in their health & fitness, by focusing on healthy habits.

I’ll leave you with this thought:

Forget trying to get rid of a bad habit.
Instead, focus on building a new, better habit to replace it.

Over the coming weeks and months, I’ll post a lot more information about building healthy habits into your daily life, including explaining that statement in more detail.

In the meantime, if you’d like to start building your own healthy habits today, drop me an email at [email protected] or give me a call on (03) 9864 1833.

You only get one life. Make the most of it!

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