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Personal Training

The quickest and most effective way to get results – work with us one-on-one!

We know you have limited time, and it’s important to spend the time you have wisely. But without the right knowledge and experience, there is a real risk that you end up working hard but for very little benefit.

That’s where our personal training services can help.

We bring our broad expertise in health to the table, along with our focus on developing healthy habits in fitness, flexibility, mobility, nutrition and mindset to help you get sustainable improvements as quickly as possible.

We get you on the right track quickly, with a customised, tailored program that is designed specifically to help YOU achieve YOUR goals.

Not only do we create a fantastic program for you, but when we work with you one-on-one we also help make sure you execute that program as well as possible.

One way we do this is by helping you do the exercises correctly. Form is SO important, and when the exercises are done properly you maximise your chances of getting awesome results. But do them incorrectly, and you can undermine your progress or, worse, cause injury. We help you get it right.

The other way we do this, which is perhaps even more important, is that we help keep you accountable to your goals!



Group Fitness

If the social side of fitness is important to you, or you just like working out with other people without the personal focus of 1:1 sessions, then our group fitness sessions may be for you.

We run group sessions most mornings during the week, which cover general aerobic fitness, core strength, flexibility and a range of other areas.

Max will often participate himself as well (see photo!), not only to show you how to do the exercises properly, but also because he believes strongly in the programs and wants to reap the benefits for himself as well!


Here at Commit2FitPro, we believe that eating well is probably more important to overall health than fitness.

Don’t get us wrong – both are super important and essential elements of a balanced and healthy lifestyle – but we’ve seen so many people work hard in the gym only to undermine their efforts with poor diet choices. That’s one of the reasons that Max decided to study and become qualified in nutrition, so that he could help people take a more balanced approach to their overall health & wellbeing, and get better results!

At Commit2FitPro we talk about nutrition with all of our fitness clients, or if you prefer you can do a program based just on nutrition. As with everything we do, we’ll help you find the approach that suits YOU best!

Healthy Salad-Food-Nutrition

Recovery & Mobility

Our bodies adapt to the range of motion (ROM) we use each day. No matter how you spend your day – behind a wheel, sitting at a desk, on your feet, whatever – the repetitive movements and positions that you subject your body to are having an impact on its ROM, flexibility and condition (wear and tear).

When we’re young and in good shape our bodies tend to cope with the impacts well. But as we get older our ability to overcome such restrictions and retain mobility reduces, and that’s when we can suffer from significantly reduced ROM.

Similar principles apply in recovery from trauma or injury: in many cases we need to train our bodies to regain the flexibility and ROM that we had before.

Whether caused by your lifestyle, age or injury, at Commit2FitPro we can work with you to develop strategies and principles that will enable you to increase your flexibility and ROM, and greatly improve your quality of life.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is known as the ‘art of eight limbs’ or the ‘science of eight limbs’.

This is because it makes use of punches, kicks and elbow and knee strikes, adding up to eight points of contact. This is in contrast with other well known combat sports which may use just two points (fists) or four points (hands and feet).

At Commit2FitPro we have over 20 years experience in the study and practice of Muay Thai, and we believe in its simple approach to movement and self-defence.

Whether you wish to learn Muay Thai as a martial art, or simply use its principles to improve core strength, flexibility or fitness, Commit2FitPro can help you!


Take your health to the next level with us!

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